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Best Jobs For University Students

The amount of work needed for your course and the number of hours your programme will take up will have a direct impact on the amount of time you have to work and the types of jobs you can take on. Having a copy of your timetable in advance helps with planning the best time for you to work and the best time for you study. If you need money to survive, work can be as important as your studies, however, don’t let your studies suffer because of work – it’s counterintuitive to you being there and you need to be able to put your best study foot forward every day.

The layout of your timetable means that you may be better off working in the mornings – in which case, jobs in cafes can be ideal for this. You could take on the breakfast shift at a nearby cafe and be ready for afternoon lessons. Cafe work can be ideal as it often comes in shifts and you can usually choose the timings of your shifts. Flexibility with your employer is ideal so that if something crops up, you can give it the attention it needs.

Bar work is good if you only have the evenings free. We would always give a word of caution with bar work, because whilst it’s fun and a greta vibe, it’s also work that gives you very late nights and possibly a decreasing bank balance if you end up sticking it out with your friends after your shift.

Work doesn’t all have to be cafes and bars…

Not fancying the idea of turning up at a cafe or a bar and grinding it away? How about exploiting some of your other talents? Are you a bit of an artist, would you be comfortable selling something online? Can you spot a bargain when you see it and flip it on ebay? Can you knit jumpers or build websites? These are all things that you could sell online with the many free tools available to everyone. Are you actually drop dead gorgeous and could do a spot of modelling on the side? Do you have a voice like silk and could apply for some voice over work?

Take a look at places like Etsy to see if there is something you could set up, or even Udemy – is there a course on something you know a lot about that you could put together and sell. Are you a dab hand at writing copy and could sell your services on a site like Upwork? Or can you knock up a good looking logo in five minutes and could sell your services on a site like Fiverr?