Benefits of a Part-Time Job Whilst a University Student

With an increasing number of students needing to work to stay at university it is often seen as a bad thing. There can, however, be many benefits to working whilst at university and whilst it isn’t always ideal – it can be good for you. There are many ways a part-time job can be of benefit.

1. Extra cash and Budgeting skills – this is the obvious one, after all – that’s the point behind working right?! But having extra cash and knowing where that cash has come from – i.e. your hard-graft – can be a big help in developing your budgeting skills. Every penny counts and there is no better way to learn than to account for every penny. This should ultimately lead to better spending habits. You know what it took to earn that money, so you sure as hell won’t fritter it away. You may even have a little left over for some fun at the end of the month.

2. More hours in the day! Yep that’s what we said – more hours in the day. Ok, technically that’s not true, but it will start to feel it. If you have a job in the morning you will be up early and out of the house and you will be surprised by how much time you feel you have stretching ahead of you in the day. Whatever time you decide to work, your time to yourself will be more valuable to you and you will appreciate it a lot more. You will become better at managing your time because you have to be. Learning to plan out the important things to do and what really needs to be done and getting it done in the time available is a skill for life. It is something most people – even business owners – have failed to grasp.

3. Skills – whatever you are doing, whether it’s flipping burgers at McDonald’s, coating doughnuts in sugar, serving behind a bar or waiting on tables you will be learning new skills all the time. Make what you can of a situation and get the best out of it. You will learn people skills, how to handle awkward or difficult customers, how to face tricky situations and step up to the plate when needed and how to consistently show up – another incredibly skill for life. all of those skills you will need no matter what you go on to do after university.