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Best Jobs For University Students

The amount of work needed for your course and the number of hours your programme will take up will have a direct impact on the amount of time you have to work and the types of jobs you can take on. Having a copy of your timetable in advance helps with planning the best time for you to work and the best time for you study. If you need money to survive, work can be as important as your studies, however, don’t let your studies suffer because of work – it’s counterintuitive to you being there and you need to be able to put your best study foot forward every day. read more

Benefits of a Part-Time Job Whilst a University Student

With an increasing number of students needing to work to stay at university it is often seen as a bad thing. There can, however, be many benefits to working whilst at university and whilst it isn’t always ideal – it can be good for you. There are many ways a part-time job can be of benefit.

1. Extra cash and Budgeting skills – this is the obvious one, after all – that’s the point behind working right?! But having extra cash and knowing where that cash has come from – i.e. your hard-graft – can be a big help in developing your budgeting skills. Every penny counts and there is no better way to learn than to account for every penny. This should ultimately lead to better spending habits. You know what it took to earn that money, so you sure as hell won’t fritter it away. You may even have a little left over for some fun at the end of the month. read more

How Many Hours a Week Do University Students Work

In most universities, the amount a student is able to work really depends upon the type of course they are taking – whether it is a full-time course, a part-time course, or whether it is a masters or research or an undergraduate course. The amount of work expected by the faculty staff and the number of hours each programme will take up during term time really has a massive impact on the hours available.

Generally speaking, masters students aren’t expected to work during term-time as the commitment needed for the masters is quite substantial, however, the situation most students face of needing to be able to raise the funds in an increasingly expensive society, to live are understood by most university faculties and they are realistic about this on a case-by-case basis. As a student, it is up to you to decide what you can realistically handle and the work-load outside of the university you can take-on. If you find yourself falling behind on grades but need to work the number of hours you do, then it is important to take this up with a tutor or member of the faculty to see what your options are. read more